As a Swipe-Card Slave to the Militant Unemployed



Jessica Maybury

Dear #OccupyEverywhere

I passed Dame Street with

my mother my friend my cousin my

uncle and they she him they said

there’s the people with no jobs

and in a recession in a clusterfuck

such as this I felt



And Speak of Shadows


Jessica Maybury


The fall is endless.

Through air,



 all possible refraction of


of angle,

of mile-per-hour.


This is a chaos of wonders.

This is the sound of it,

these open mouths,

that wind.


Nothing but this tumble

and my

staggering to grasp you,






carve me up neatly.


parcel my inner secrets.

My flesh


the sky.


17 thoughts on “FEBRUARY POETS

  1. Doesn’t it seem there’s a revivial in poetry? Not so much with the poets, but with the readers and the listeners? It seems to me that there’s a greater audience now in place to appreciate the art.

    1. Yes, I agree with you Michael. Oddly, the very thing we attack for destroying attention spans and polluting an entire generation with illiteracy is in fact, responsible for a sort of renaissance poetically and artistically. As a poet I find the immediacy of this medium a gift but of course curse is that to get to the art you must wade through a few feet of muck. It’s lovely to have you here and to read your comment, please visit again.

  2. Hi Elizabeth. I really like your use of water and colour. Your poetry has a vividness that makes the emotion contained in it come to life. Terrific!

  3. Hi Marsha. You have just covered two of my favourite subjects – sitting in a tinny and watching a crane. Love both poems. I love the image of the village scurrying at the back of the seabird. That is fantastic!

  4. Hi Steve. You present very powerful images. Your poetry has a great impact. Really like the line – ‘the Dove has hope encased in his thin black collar.’ Oh, yes.

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