January 31, 2012 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION
Night’s Haiku
In restless dreams where
Stranger’s lips are whispering
Words I can’t quite hear Willows and Flowers
Jennifer Sutherland

Pale Lilies adorn
Clear ornamental glass bowl
Reflecting her face
Silver combs fastened
Ebony chignon, against nape
A stray strand lingers 
Resplendent red silk
Kimono sashed white obi
Willows and flowers
Darting glance, black fringe
Licking her scarlet red lips
Long Butterfly lash
From her bare shoulder
A swallow tattoo flutters
In eternal flight
Tinkling bracelets shine
Tiny fans hang glittering
From sparrow thin wrists
Pale Lilies remain
Clear ornamental glass bowl
Her reflection gone

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  1. Michael Allen April 30, at 23:52

    Doesn't it seem there's a revivial in poetry? Not so much with the poets, but with the readers and the listeners? It seems to me that there's a greater audience now in place to appreciate the art.

    • Administrator April 30, at 23:58

      Yes, I agree with you Michael. Oddly, the very thing we attack for destroying attention spans and polluting an entire generation with illiteracy is in fact, responsible for a sort of renaissance poetically and artistically. As a poet I find the immediacy of this medium a gift but of course curse is that to get to the art you must wade through a few feet of muck. It's lovely to have you here and to read your comment, please visit again.

  2. Selma February 09, at 01:00

    Hi Elizabeth. I really like your use of water and colour. Your poetry has a vividness that makes the emotion contained in it come to life. Terrific!

  3. Selma February 08, at 22:30

    Hi Feltsensejunkie. I really like your use of colour. There is a poignancy to your work that is quite moving. Very well done!

  4. Selma February 08, at 22:29

    Hi Jennifer. An exquisite piece. Delicate, almost ethereal imagery. The sparrow thin wrists provide such a striking image!

    • Jennifer February 18, at 01:30

      Hi Selma, Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. I am pleased you enjoyed my work.

  5. Selma February 08, at 22:27

    Hi Marsha. You have just covered two of my favourite subjects - sitting in a tinny and watching a crane. Love both poems. I love the image of the village scurrying at the back of the seabird. That is fantastic!

  6. Selma February 08, at 22:25

    Hi Steve. You present very powerful images. Your poetry has a great impact. Really like the line - 'the Dove has hope encased in his thin black collar.' Oh, yes.

  7. Selma February 08, at 22:23

    Hi Jessica. Beautiful work. 'And Speak of Shadows' is just glorious. And I can relate to your 'Occupy' poem...

    • Jessica February 13, at 16:09

      Hi Selma, thank you kindly! My first comment :)

  8. Selma February 08, at 22:21

    Hi, Guy. I really like your poetry. Your image of the turquoise water between exposed rocks is just gorgeous. Very, very nice!

  9. swichman February 07, at 05:34

    Lovely words..........for me they create paintings. Great to read your work here!


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