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In This Life


Swan Rose



In this life that’s so hard

I try to capture an image of you

To keep it in a jar

And carry with me

No matter where I go

Or how far

It glows with the light

Of a thousand fire flies

I hold it out in front of me

Swinging it like a lantern

To lead me through the night

To be cradled next to me

As I sleep

A comforting sensation

Washes over me

As I squeeze it tight

And dream of a day

When we are together again

And all decisions made

This time will be right

Until that day

I bask in the glow

Of all I remember of you

And the promises it then brings




She bangs at the Door


Swan Rose



With all the desperation and power

Of a young woman trapped in a love gone bad

She bangs on the door

Such energy when released into the universe

Attempts to reach whatever it can and destroy

He feels the vibration coming through the floor

Sitting on the couch

All sound from the world around him blocked

By the music in his ears

The Sound so thick

It is as he is adrift in it

But still the message received by his feet

Is all too clear

Ignoring the pleas that go unheard

But that are easily felt

His stare intensifies at nothing at all

A hole hollow and numb

Sits frozen over with no signs

Of it starting to melt

As the pain on the other side

Of the door becomes too much to bare

She crumbles and falls

Sobbing echoes and flows

Falling on deaf ears

As she curls up in a ball

Alone in her now destroyed dream

Of the life she thought they would have

And so very alone lying in this hall



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  1. Ronald Fischman May 02, at 16:24

    Andrew's retelling of the feminine ritual could come right out of The Feminine Mystique. The question is ownership. If the daughter owns her body, men, and other women, will love it and want to merge with it. If a man or woman owns his or her sexuality as a lifelong gift, it can last for decades. Obviously, the poet succeeded in evoking a collision of worlds and spheres.

    • blackswanpoetry May 13, at 18:55

      Thank you Andrew for your comment. I love to see where my pieces are taken by the reader.


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