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The Fragile Parts


Heather Grace Stewart



life is fragile


and so is love



we think it, say it all the time


tell each other we’re going to


spend more time together, less time


at work/paying bills/reading


other people’s Facebook profiles




drive slower, eat better, love longer


because you never know


what tomorrow will bring




but life gets in the way


and we’re back to the races


not enough hours in the day


to call an old friend let alone


digest our food, savour our wine


say ‘I love you’ first.




It takes a tragedy


to pull us back to the basics,


Three year-old Dies Instantly


Hit by Speeding Car


In Daycare’s Backyard




It takes other people’s problems


Like the couple around the corner


two children under five,


couldn’t arrange their differences,


now  arranging custody.




life is fragile


and so is love




of course


you will forget this


in about five minutes


your boss will start


yelling at you or your toddler will


pee on the floor or


your phone bill will arrive and


you’ll wonder why, god damn it, you


got double billed again




you will forget about


the fragile parts


and go on surviving. 


(From ‘Where the Butterflies go’)






The Bard on Facebook


Heather Grace Stewart



If he were living today,


would Shakespeare


use Facebook?




Reluctantly and sparingly


or spellbound and addicted?




Imagine his updates:


Will Shakespeare can see a dagger before him.


Will Shakespeare is going to sleep,


perchance, to dream.
Will Shakespeare, now on Twitter, for


the Tweet’s the thing.


(From ‘Leap’)








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  1. Ronald Fischman May 02, at 16:24

    Andrew's retelling of the feminine ritual could come right out of The Feminine Mystique. The question is ownership. If the daughter owns her body, men, and other women, will love it and want to merge with it. If a man or woman owns his or her sexuality as a lifelong gift, it can last for decades. Obviously, the poet succeeded in evoking a collision of worlds and spheres.

    • blackswanpoetry May 13, at 18:55

      Thank you Andrew for your comment. I love to see where my pieces are taken by the reader.


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