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Fall Tenderly




Shari LeKane-Yentumi
Amidst the soft and muted light they glowed like burning embers,

dancing in the wind around the tombstones, as I recall;

it was an autumn rainbow of red and orange and gold to be remembered.

Fall tenderly like the leaves brushing against the graveyard wall.

You were placing flowers on a grave and you had been crying,

mourning someone very dear, and you looked so very small

in this granite-filled lot of incendiary leaves and so much dying.

Fall tenderly in my arms and make me stand up straight and tall.

When you gently took my arm it was an electric kind of sizzle,

and the rush of your touch made all of my skin crawl;

there were tears in our eyes as they met, and it began to drizzle.

Fall tenderly into the night as the whispering raindrops call.

I don’t care about the past, I no longer have misgivings;

I am here for the present, for now, and I am trying to stall,

because life is for us, it is for those who are here and still living.

Fall tenderly into my heart, and promise me your all.


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  1. Tasha February 13, at 19:13

    Lovely poetry from a lovely poet. Thanks for this colorful sharing. It does make the mind tingle and twinkle! Warm wishes, Tasha

  2. Bob January 29, at 22:20

    Nice publication and my friend Laura LaVeglia Grillo makes it even better, she is a great writer.

  3. laura laveglia January 29, at 19:31

    thank you for the exciting opportunity featuring two of my poems in your distinguished magazine. I was so happy to see my name and poems! Many of the poems I have read on your site are just fabulous. What a bunch of talented poets!!!! Best Regards, Laura LaVeglia

  4. Shari LeKane-Yentumi January 18, at 14:01

    Dear Simon, thank you for sharing this perspective that has long awaited its say, especially in poetic format as you have done so beautifully. - Shari


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