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Scott Hastie


Life collects, pools around you.

It paints its highlights,
Nothing there you can destroy
Or begin again.


Calm in aquamarine beauty,
Barely a hint of surf’s snowy trim.
Today the sea is out
But will come again.


For the moment,
On the beach,
My love and I,
Naked and blissful as can be.


In the soft, sun baked sand
History between my toes.


Sense how
Even the smooth stones ache
With stories of their own
In the shuddering light of day.


And still the darkness waits for me,

As I know it will…
And ever more avariciously still,
As it senses my journey comes closer to fruition.


I know in my heart it is a given
That I can never entirely banish
This spectre of the night,
It will always be beside me, as it needs to be.


Just as surely as the sunniest of summer’s mornings
Or the broadest of smiles on a lover’s face
Can make your heart soar,
As a counterpoint in the navigation
Of all that’s possible in life.
All that one would ever want to reach out for,
Whether driven by angels or demons…


So I choose to condemn it
To wait on the sidelines forever.
And as an irrelevance, a meaningless shadow,
A token silhouette to all my blessings.
Like the soft dusting of fallen snow on hollow bones,
On the already broken, spilt corpse
Of souls long since departed.

Strengthened by the certainty

That the light I cherish and hold dear within
Will instead keep me safe and warm,
Till my own time comes….








Scott Hastie



However beautiful,

No pebble on the beach.


You were my touchstone.


And yes,
I have now smelt the perfume of the Gods.


If only for precious moments
Opened the gilded door
And walked through.



Set foot on hallowed ground,

Taken refuge where my soul longed to be,
In the sunlit meadow of my dreams.


Bathed in love and light,
Healed and nourished,
Elevated by experiences of wonder.


It was the miracle of how the needs,
The spiritual hunger
Of two separate physical beings,
Two fractured souls,
Could fit together so perfectly,
Like long lost pieces of some ancient code
That, once re-united, yielded up energies,
Ecstasies and insights beyond our imagining.


That was the key.


And far beyond any love affair
With its own predictable half-life
Of intensity, its cycle of emotion.


Instead a permanent path
That, once illuminated,
Goes ever onward – a way home…

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