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Happy Now?


Sudakshina Bhattacharjee

If you are good, then you are happy

And if you’re bad, then you’re not.

To think this is true- is to think not a lot!

Why do villains laugh with such evil vibes?

When they make their victims weep with jibes?

Why do heroes play such naughty pranks?

On those who always say their thanks?


You’ve posed, you’ve smiled,

To hog the limelight;

So, are you happy now?

Have you said what’s right?


Fame is momentous, a fleeting little boat-

It leaves us with memories on which we forever gloat!

Are you happy now for being a cause of envy?

 The cynosure of all sorts of eyes?

Are you happy now that you’re on top of the game?

As you consciously wait for your prize?


They say the corporate world is a ‘rat race’-

But isn’t life that too?

For, if everyone strives to be happy now-

Who would be in the blue?






Sudakshina Bhattacharjee

There used to be the telephone

With aching fingers ringing

It’s now small and mobile

With various tunes singing;


What used to be written

By the hand and some ink

Is now a computer

Tap-tap-tap and Sync!


What used to be cassettes and tape

Bulky things, of rectangular shape

Is now compact and looks like a disc,

Which entertains us, it’s very brisk!


What used to be unthinkable

Is now completely possible;

Video chats at a drop of a hat,

iPhones, iPods and all that!


Alas, what used to be

Is now dismissed and forgotten-

‘Oh they’re so old, oh they’re so rotten!’

As we’re syncing, blinking, thinking away-

Do we realise that from the past, comes today?

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  1. Sudakshina Bhattacharjee September 18, at 11:32

    Thank you very much for your kind words and keen observations, Scott. Much appreciated! :) Best Regards Sudakshina.

  2. Scott Hastie May 31, at 09:16

    Enjoyed 'Happy Now' very much - deceptively light and breezy, with its jaunty rhyme too - but underneath also packs a considerable punch.. I especially admire the playful line: "Fame is momentous, a fleeting little boat..." And the telling admonition of: "Are you happy now for being a cause of envy?" Quite an insightful and artful achievement, I think...


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