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My Humble Beginning


Charles Kwame Aidoo


Did you think I’d vanish into thin air?

like a heated solution of NaCl? 

Even for that, I’d leave behind crystals


Did you think I’d melt from core,

like a mountain’s belly with a lava store?

Even for that, my eruptive message for the world

Would be volcanic the more


Did you think I’d suffer a slip?

Mind you, If even I fell, my head would be held high exposing my lips

Unfolding, unzipped, 

Words exploding in bits


Did you palm your hand over my shine

like a lunar?

I burn you with the intense fire of a hydrogen-charged star

Brightly built burning bold,


And this is just my humble beginning..




Little Boy Looking Down


Charles Kwame Aidoo


little boy looking down
how deep do you really see?
how far could you dip
to fetch?
how willing are your feet
to tread?

little boy looking down
with wishes for scepters and a crown
with intuition of a haunting dream
with a heart as golden
as shells at the bottom
of a clear stream

the waters would forever flow
the flames would never die
the sun does outshine
the valleys still go down low

little boy
oh little boy
little boy looking down
nature forever takes its course
but why not look up?
oh little boy

why not look up
to catch on the wing
that with your dreams


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  1. Sudakshina Bhattacharjee September 18, at 11:32

    Thank you very much for your kind words and keen observations, Scott. Much appreciated! :) Best Regards Sudakshina.

  2. Scott Hastie May 31, at 09:16

    Enjoyed 'Happy Now' very much - deceptively light and breezy, with its jaunty rhyme too - but underneath also packs a considerable punch.. I especially admire the playful line: "Fame is momentous, a fleeting little boat..." And the telling admonition of: "Are you happy now for being a cause of envy?" Quite an insightful and artful achievement, I think...


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