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I Will Throw Out The Traitors!!


Gulala Nouri



Your cells’ aroma is forests,

Hordes horses of kings ,

Authentic glassware in grandmother’s house,

Clear like the dawn,

Excited, crowded in familiarity, soaked in inspiration!!

Gladness like a first catch of a farmer’s hand on the first harvest of a season,

Like a Prince’s hand which only knows the notes..




Your cells’ perfume is:

Tents sewn with musk,

Bright day of late spring,

Drowsiness of a village dust after a rain dances on the earth,

Sky decorated by narcissus flowers,

Homes filled happy bridals,

Your cells’ aroma is: Free, friendly, cradle baby

Herd of Honey Bee,

Laughing, joyfully screaming.

Sometimes it is: Silent, mysterious, quiet, and unique

Or carefully pruned, as parks in public squares,

Your cells’ perfume,

Runs through my nose

My little poor nose in front of the whiff of your neck!

My nose, how I wish it, in this poem, as huge as the library of our city

which owns all description terms!!

Can our perfumes love each other?

The absent, useless and ungrateful bottles of my perfumes

Possessed by the aroma of your cells,

I will cast down those traitors!!






(Translated into English by Gulala Nouri and Sara Cooper)

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