August 8, 2014 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Will You Stay Long After The End Of The Show?

To the vanished dictators or those who wish to stay forever


Gulala Nouri


You account the vacuum

And blaming the chairs for all this vacancy.

Waiting in front of the closed curtains

You do not realize that show has fixed chapters and seasons.

You alone, but only with clear roads toward the door.

You clap outside the theme

They may hear the echo that was not picked up by anyone else than your self.

How many silent battles you need

To raise the banner of understanding that you are alone now up there?

you move the seats in search of the lost buttons for your heart,

That occurred under agitators who left you,

You pick up the last bottle of denial raised,

raised and your face ached

but what you see is just a faraway roof

And large areas no longer voluntary for your imagination.






(Translated into English by Gulala Nouri and Sara Cooper)

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