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If Love Gets Aged In You


Gulala Nouri



If you wake up one day …

and you are intending to pass your hand on my features,

then decline for some unknown reason,

I hope you will record that in my head..


If you see a rose in your way

And that does not remind you of me at first glance

I hope you come empty handed and record in our garden the absence of a rose


If you walk lonely at sea and you are happy

while I am at home processing salt

do not come with a boat to roll over the lack of wet

and record in our space an absence of seagulls


If I told you about the last nightmare night

and you commented: “Please forget Iraq”

I’ll think long before stamping a new permit

on the border of my heart….

If you start to move my picture on your desk

Once to the left and then to the right

tell me to change my picture to know that

I am not reflecting in your new day


If the pretty woman says” You are handsome”

You only settled a smile and thank

not as you usually say “Because I am with her” that

will be the first absence of shared dance in us


If my hat falls in the snow

and you don’t run behind

But you asked the wind to change direction

that will be the first cold between us …

If you looked at my eyes

And they did not recognize you

You should know that is the beginning of absence …


If you called before midnight

and you get this reply “The number is switched off  or out of coverage”

you should  know that I realized  the advanced age of your love

And also that I sleep early, so deeply and early.






(Translated into English by Gulala Nouri and Sara Cooper)

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