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Are You Sure You Want To Delete?


Gulala Nouri


Why do you not fade away like an old file

 by a delete click ?

To hear the delicious sound of your disappearance

to the recycle bin.

Or as I did inadvertently last night with my outgoing messages in my phone

To get quiet sleep at the edge of the bed

 as free as my cat Tegres from

your nightmares

Or, to be a piece of bread

Forgotten in the toaster to burn

And I say: Oh! But he was just a piece of bread no more!


Or to consider you an expensive mistake

I bought ordinary shoes in precious place

for a ridiculous concert .

In the morning to forget my last night foolishness, I give you to a gypsy that had not

mastered dancing or singing or meditation while walking,

only knows how to survive without shower as long as possible


Or be a glass forgotten on the ground

kick you with powerful and fast step

While I try to catch a meeting I am late for.!

To sweep your parts quickly so not to injure Tegres


Why do you not be yellow cheese

left anonymously in my refrigerator,

knowing  that I do not like yellow cheese,

see you every morning indifferently,

Then put you in the basket

And prepare just two words for the absent owner “has rotted”


Why not be

Plastic  stuffed toys

Float under my arm in the sea

Then a bird comes and pierces you

And I ignore your burst.

To come back to the beach without you!


Why not be a new movie with long commercial

Then to find you at the first premiere meaningless

To lose my confidence in other ads..


Why not come out of winter and spring and summer,

Why not leave my autumnal to celebrate

And dance with all the leaves in a forest on the way

Even for once.

But why – in spite of all my wishes –above:

When the question: Are you sure, you want to delete? Appears


There is a third choice instead of: No or Yes

Which is: I do not know yet.




(All poems translated into English by Gulala Nouri and Sara Cooper)



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