December 11, 2014 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Gbenga Adesanya





To the guarded garden I declare

You’re my rest

To heaven I raise my voice

Singing halleluyah praise

Baptise me now

And let my soul gorge d blessings of zion

Only zion won’t give blessings freely

Right, on work will faith

Entice zion’s benevolence

But how many faithful workers

Ever make zion’s gate?


Blessing rides to town tomorrow

In cherubic limousines

Bearing armoured vests

Unlike those of the levites

Which martyrs won’t applaud

A paradisic revolution?

I long for the sabbaths

When my tuitioned discipleship

Will earn me a deserving temple share


Listen sons and daughters

Of the most High

I lie when I say

There is one house in my father’s house

But I truly know not where

Other houses are built

Maybe the spirit

Will lead the choir in worship

And testimonies would

Bear miracles of prayers

Racing to zion in jets


A poor faithful remains a sinner

A rich sinner turns a faithful brethren

Seek d truth says the good book

So I ask if Manah truly falls from heaven

But I remember the celestial rage

That makes work and sweat

A condition for food


I am a child of the most high

Whose truth is not in epistles

Witnessed by unsaintly riches

And I will sing my halleluyah song

When the morning comes

And I see multitudes fed

With six loaves of bread

And twelve fishes






Gbenga Adesanya

My name is Gbenga Adesanya. I’m a Nigerian, resident in Lagos. I have two books, a novel and play published already, ‘Underbridge Epitaph’ and ‘Royal Miscarriage’ respectively. My creative writing skill cuts across most of the genres and sub-genres of literature. I’m also a screenwriter and I have a couple of credits in Nigerian movies and television drama series. I also run a blog ‘Bibiire’s Forge’ (bibiirefilms.com/blog) where some of my literary works are showcased.




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