December 24, 2014 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Gbenga Adesanya


Law Streets



Strange characters

Sneek into my sleep at dark

Turning me an actor

In tasteless tales of a mirrored life

Tortoise stories would make

A better dream I think


A trickly trip to town

Brings home left overs

Of cursed currencies

Wobling hope wonders

If pot is ever needed

For this last meal

To make golgotta

Those days were spent

That dogs got bones

Darkling kids now moan

And fated men battle

For bony crunch and juice


When d streets

Belch its stench

Black robes follow

Crack orders

Caging official hunger

To release personal devil

Tired eyes peek

Beneath beaten laws

And tortured wants

Jolt trigger fingers

Who can blame who

When pets eat better

Than the man who holds the collar


A wife may carve husband

In priceless stones

When strangers abide

But when curtains go down

Bedmates know whose

Urinal leaks onto the mat

But I salute

My tired courage still

To win my war

My own way

Even if golgotta

Seems my nemesis

Still I’ll trudge on

With bony crunch

And salty juice





Welcome Dance



The piercing wail

Of a newly born

Claws at my skin

While happy pretenders

Clap and hoot a welcome dance

That never con the guest

Could it be she knew already

Where the laughter

Started and ended?

Please noble guest

Save strength for your tents

For early tears won’t

Cut the gory years ahead






Gbenga Adesanya

My name is Gbenga Adesanya. I’m a Nigerian, resident in Lagos. I have two books, a novel and play published already, ‘Underbridge Epitaph’ and ‘Royal Miscarriage’ respectively. My creative writing skill cuts across most of the genres and sub-genres of literature. I’m also a screenwriter and I have a couple of credits in Nigerian movies and television drama series. I also run a blog ‘Bibiire’s Forge’ (bibiirefilms.com/blog) where some of my literary works are showcased.


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