February 10, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Elizabeth Gabby Tyrrell


Hot Cross Buns



I eat white meat,

kippers that bubble butter,

I fall into white chocolate

and nibble hot cross buns.


These crumbs afflict my life

yet this is my diet

I explain to the nurse

my finger points to her face

you go and live your life.


I am weighed and float

out of the door

the nurse sits flummoxed.

I am obese no more.








I breathe, I live

at peace

tranquil breath

like a blanket embraces me.


My peace will be yours

as your hand is open

my body is raised

we walk together

down the hill.

My soul mate

I bear no ill.







Elizabeth Gabby Tyrrell

A performance poet who has also has been published in magazines such as Inclement and Poetry Cornwall. She has done over 800 performances including the ICA (London) and Bluecoates (Liverpool). Her poetry has been read on BBC Radio Merseyside and appeared in exhibitions such as Lancashire Museum. She has also broken onto the USA circuit including New York and the Deep South. Elizabeth is also a features writer for Women Make Waves.



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