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The Changing Face of Britain: Islamophobia

  By Sabena Siddiqi Islamophobia is back again in British politics. More frequent attacks on mosques and gradual, growing support for far-right groups reminds us that anti-Muslim feeling is on the increase. The perspective on Islam has changed since 9/11, it is simply not so easy anymore for Muslims living in the West.

UN cuts peacekeepers in DRC by 2000

  By Sylvain Muyali Despite calls from the Democratic Republic of the Congo for greater numbers to be withdrawn, the fifteen member United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution for 2000 troops to be cut from the 20,000 strong UN MONUSCO peacekeeping force.

Nigeria closes land and sea borders ahead of Saturday’s polls

  By Charles Ayitey All means of immigration or emigration in and out of Nigeria have now been suspended ahead of the presidential elections slated for Saturday 28th March.


  By Peter Krok

Reactions to Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015

  By Grégory Wilson  Recent months have been plagued by a series of terrorist attacks in several Western states. Each of these incidents were followed by a general outcry and outpouring of empathy from Western citizens around the globe. They also spurred Western leaders to publicly reaffirm that their populations will not be intimidated by […]

South Sudan Extend The Presidential And Parliamentary Term For Three Years

  By Peter Louis South Sudan’s parliament voted on Tuesday to extend President Salva Kiir’s term in office by three years, after elections due to be held in June were called off and negotiations to end more than a year of internal conflict broke up without agreement.

Less Obvious: An Alternative Best Of

  ROCK AND ROLL Rock and Roll has been described as anything from the music of gods to the devil’s music. Despite it originating from country, blues, jazz and gospel, to name but a few, in the late 1940s, it truly came into its own and the conscience of the mainstream the following decade.

Step out smartly into Spring

By Robert Kilborn Monsieur Jean Clieze, an official of the province of Québec’s Ministère des Marches Ridicules, and a notorious flâneur, steps into Spring. In Montreal, we are well known for our joie de flâner, and for our smartly turned out flâneurs. You begin to notice them in spring, when the red buds of the […]

Former Senegalese Minster sentenced to six years in jail and a fine of 138 billion cfa francs

  By Alpha Jallow The judge at the infamous court of repression on illicit enrichment (CREI) in Senegal, Henry Gregory Diop, has handed down a landmark sentence to Karim Wade former state minister and son of former president of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade.

AUC and FAO commemorate International Day of Forests

  By Alpha Jallow The African Union Commission (AUC), and Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), on Saturday 21st March jointly commemorated the International Day of Forests at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

A sniper ends Sarah’s life a year after killing her husband in Al-Yarmouk

  By Qosai Amamh Alaa and Sarah’s death would have been so normal, and why would it be new to die in a camp under siege? But their love story, which simulates our childhood love stories, made their martyrdom a story worth being written or filmed. No need for an author’s imagination to decorate death […]

UN peacekeeping mission in DRC under threat as withdrawal is discussed

  By Sylvain Muyali   At a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York last week, the issue of United Nations peacekeeping mission MONUSCO and its presence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was under discussion.

Presby Church Ghana condemns US branch over gay marriages

  By Charles Ayitey Heated debates have brewed within Ghana’s Presbyterian community as the largest denomination in the United States reveals plans to formally recognise same-sex marriages.


  By Allison Grayhurst 

Less Obvious: An Alternative Best Of

  BREAKBEATS A lot has been said of what constitutes a ‘Breakbeat’. Some say it is the portion of a record that can be used and looped as a beat, either for live DJing or sampled as part of a record, others as a whole new genre of illuminating electronic beats. This writer however embraces […]

Ghana seeks Economic Reforms in the wake of Crude Oil prices falling

  By Charles Ayitey Ghana, the second largest economy in West Africa is looking to gain some leeway from what’s been predicted as an ‘economic meltdown’ due to the overwhelming loss of revenue shortfall of approximately $700 million out of the designated $1.2 billion in the previous year’s budget.

Hard Truth with Anant Mishra: Rolling the Dice: India’s hampered Economic Policies and Reforms

  By Anant Mishra History Since its independence from the British Raj in 1947, India has followed (and is still following) extremely polarized economic policies and reforms.

The Greatest Beats of Your Heart

  New, Old, Undiscovered or World Renowned, The Five Records You Can Always Turn To We often read of ‘greatest’ records and how one ranks higher than another in year end or all time lists, but rarely do we talk of what is close to the heart and special to the individual.

Discussing ‘Peacebuilding’ and ‘Post War Recovery’

  By Anant Mishra Nations that are gripped in war, at the final stage of conflict, have the obligation to transform from a state of war to a state of peace and stability. This period however is a phase of severe instability and economic slowdown in the region, thus the condition becomes extremely difficult for […]

DRC Foreign Minister addresses UN peacekeepers’ decision to suspend support

  By Sylvain Muyali Currently, the decision of UN peacekeeping mission MONUSCO not to support the Congolese army (FARDC) in military operations against FDLR rebel troops is unclear in the media. Military observers seem to rely on the logic of things and accordingly do not appear to comprehend that such plans were designed jointly by the two institutions, […]

The Charlie Effect

  By Fadi Elhusseini Are we witnessing a harbinger of a religious war? Is it the beginning of a new violent era that may not spare any nation? What is it that radicalism wants to achieve by committing such acts? Why is this happening? And is there a solution?


  By Scott Thomas Outlar

Africa looks forward to scaling agricultural innovations

  By Alpha Jallow Experts believe that well conceptualised technologies can yield immense social economic benefits and impacts.

Rebel troops captured as military offensive in Democratic Republic of the Congo continues

  By Sylvain Muyali Following the launch of the Congolese FARDC army’s military operation against the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda FDLR, thirty three rebel troops have reportedly been captured by the DRC armed forces.

Journalist weeps as he testifies against senior police officer in Uganda

  By Robert Ssewankambo Television journalist, Andrew Lwanga broke down in tears as he testified against Joram Mwesigye the former Division Police Commander of Old Kampala Police Station, who he accuses of brutally assaulting him while covering a procession by a group of unemployed youths in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

Rising number of Rwandan refugees a major concern in the DRC

  By Sylvain Muyali One day following the Congolese army, FARDC‘s, launch of a military campaign for the forced disarmament of rebel FDLR troops, the fate of Rwandan refugees held hostage by the rebels became a major concern to MONUSCO, the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the National Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).