The Changing Face of Britain: Islamophobia




Sabena Siddiqi

Islamophobia is back again in British politics. More frequent attacks on mosques and gradual, growing support for far-right groups reminds us that anti-Muslim feeling is on the increase. The perspective on Islam has changed since 9/11, it is simply not so easy anymore for Muslims living in the West.

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UN cuts peacekeepers in DRC by 2000




Sylvain Muyali

Despite calls from the Democratic Republic of the Congo for greater numbers to be withdrawn, the fifteen member United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution for 2000 troops to be cut from the 20,000 strong UN MONUSCO peacekeeping force.

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Nigeria closes land and sea borders ahead of Saturday’s polls




Charles Ayitey

All means of immigration or emigration in and out of Nigeria have now been suspended ahead of the presidential elections slated for Saturday 28th March.

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Reactions to Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015




Grégory Wilson 

Recent months have been plagued by a series of terrorist attacks in several Western states. Each of these incidents were followed by a general outcry and outpouring of empathy from Western citizens around the globe. They also spurred Western leaders to publicly reaffirm that their populations will not be intimidated by terrorists and that core Western values of civil liberties will not bend under the pressure.

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South Sudan Extend The Presidential And Parliamentary Term For Three Years




Peter Louis

South Sudan’s parliament voted on Tuesday to extend President Salva Kiir’s term in office by three years, after elections due to be held in June were called off and negotiations to end more than a year of internal conflict broke up without agreement.

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Less Obvious: An Alternative Best Of




Rock and Roll has been described as anything from the music of gods to the devil’s music. Despite it originating from country, blues, jazz and gospel, to name but a few, in the late 1940s, it truly came into its own and the conscience of the mainstream the following decade.

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