August 24, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Don Beukes



The Rose



A blazing smile

greets each bright morn,

With sun kissed cheeks,

It even softens a thorn.

Adorned in a melody

of colour and shades,

A mood so calm and sweet,

Even nature bows just to greet.

Life’s ominous clouds

wither away in the heavenly glow,

Awe inspiring aroma,

It captivates,

Delivering a fiery, splendid show.

Nurture it,

Appreciate it,

Captivate it,

Eternalise it.

The rose…










Baptised head of the snake,

Left numerous dead in your wake

with deadly order,

Resulting in mayhem murder,

Twisted beliefs,

Vomiting grief.

Your followers brainwashed,

Their humanity crushed,

Your force too strong,

Resulting in a bloody throng.

9/11 your earthly heaven,

Mankind maimed

and logic lame,

Prayers and deep felt wailing

confess the outcry of your shaming.

Your slumber resulting in 7/7,

Your journey now away from heaven,

The melting pot of anger brewing,

The world a stew of terrorism anew.

Your final hour televised this dawn,

The snake’s wisdom decapitated,



and buried grief,

Your body left writhing,


still a real,

cunning threat…






Don Beukes

I am currently writing poetry and intend to venture into songwriting and short story writing. I am a retired teacher and have taught English Literature and Geography for 20 years in South Africa and England. I was born and educated in Cape Town, South Africa and grew up in the last two decades of apartheid. I am passionate about SA politics and global issues affecting our global village. My hope is for the human race to use our God-given moral compass to support, inspire and protect each other in any way possible. CARPE DIEM


  1. Heather August 24, at 20:00

    Wow what creative genius!proudly South African talent. You go boy!

  2. charlie hopkins August 24, at 13:18

    Nice to see Don spreading out! Great photo too, the first I've seen. Congratulations, Don.


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