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Padmini Dutta Sharma



Adultery redefined



Blood dripped profusely

Her veins had been slashed

With a sharp knife

Suspected of adultery.



Her husband lay in bed

For many years

No one paid any heed

They all disdained her pride

That never succumbed to greed.



There was not a morsel of food

No shillings for medicine

Yet she chose not to deviate.



She maintained composure and discipline

After repeatedly being treated like a mannequin

And now they say it’s all so clandestine!



She was all by herself

Slogging day and night

Everyone knew her plight

The brave girl gave every onlooker

A tough and bold fight.



She sought work at different places

Where she found many deranged faces

Desire, passion and lust

Did not allow her to retain even the crust.



Poor soul succumbed to her fate

The vultures made merry at her flesh

It was difficult at first

Gradually she learnt the tricks of the trade.



While her paralytic husband lay semi conscious

Her lovers paid for all that was lascivious

She earned every farthing by strangling her soul

But there was one that loved her most

Genuinely and truly

Standing by her foolishly

Convinced that wasn’t adultery.








Padmini Dutta Sharma

Padmini Dutta Sharma is a prolific writer, Human Rights activist and distinguished poet. Her distinctive style and taste is what sets her apart from the rest of her contemporaries. She has the courage of conviction to speak her mind clearly and boldly; often contrary to the accepted norms.

Padmini began her career as a journalist and gradually shifted to corporate communication alongside her writing. Her blogs, poems, articles and write-ups have been published in various portals, journals, newspapers and magazines around the world. She has recited her poems in various star studded poetical gatherings where she has earned rare reviews. Her writings are widely acclaimed and her fans range from India to the United States. She is also a common face on television discussing various social issues.

A natural philanthropist who works for the cause of the down trodden and disabled, Padmini has also published three books, including a collection of short stories and poetry, all of which are available here.


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