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Daipayan Nair






The words search the quill

Ready to pour they are

like the Nevada falls of stares keen

To hold back is a step forbidden

To shed is a mystery gifted

Perceptions are crimes forgiven,

for the veil desires to be lifted.

A poet I am now

as I have always been

And I shall kiss the dust as one

Be it the tease by the loving lilies

or the ripples of savagery

Reach the bank, will the swan.











To Marigold’s feast

am I invited

The roses and the jasmines

in brooches and bouquets coloured

To Marigold’s feast

am I invited

Even the dry marshes seem flowered.


The gladioluses of many a chord, shed perfumed tears

Lips of hibiscus smiling; alluring many a gul mohar,

Majestic sunflowers wearing crowns anew

The stares of lilies, hard to bear!


Some exquisitely bright like the Irish moss white

Holding cups of vine, making pastures shine

Be it camellia or be it the yellow gowned dahlia

To none do they offer their wine.


The cord grasses furry and slender, sprinkling zephyrs romantic

Assisted by the dragon flies of silken wings,

The saccharined pollens served with grace

The violin inside the thrush sings.


To Marigold’s feast

am I invited

I turn to leave

only to watch the orchids grieve

To Marigold’s feast

am I invited

A reality, rejected by many,

for realities are hard to believe.








Daipayan Nair

Born in February 1988 in a small town, Silchar in North East India, Daipayan Nair, a poet, song writer and blogger is the author of ‘The Frost – Selected Poems’ , a book containing his most renowned works. Apart from that he has his works published in a number of anthologies. His poem ‘O’ Mademoiselle‘ received appreciation worldwide.


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