September 30, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ojo Blessing






Walking past me was a pretty damsel
Clad in a pink radiant apparel
Her walking steps like that of a geisha girl
Yearn to see her face
But if allowed I may gaze
Perhaps I could get a warm embrace


Inside me I named her Eve
As if she knew my motive
she increased her pace
In a jiffy it all turned to a race
Am I not putting myself in danger
No because I’m in love with a stranger


Unfortunately I mistepped
Without looking back she halted and said sorry
It then dawned on me that all is was well
Though there’s still a tinge of worry
She is a stranger for real
Yes a stranger she is to me


Before I could get a grip
She had gone
With my hand the ground I whipped
Wish I am Usain Bolt or Gay Tyson
I recourse to a ginger:
Someday I will see you stranger


I got home not feeling too well
Apparently I was and still love sick
But I feigned all was and still well
Couldn’t eat so I was and still weak
Yet I was and still keen
On getting this stranger queen


I was given packs of peel
But that wasn’t what I needed and still need
Getting this lovesome stranger was and still my strong will
Obviously I’m in danger
All because I’m in love with a stranger
Right now I’m searching for the stranger









Technology rules
Changing people from their natural form to technophiles
Technology changes everyday
Yet people seem to have no fear of being changed by it
As some sort of gods
It receives praises
Little do people concern themselves with its effects
Am I the only one who suffers from technophobia?









I remember yesterday
I recall encounters
I reflect on discouragement
I ruminate on disappointment
I cannot forget my decision


The yesterday was long ago
The encounter was for advice
The discouragement was to kill my dream
The disappointment was to slow my pace
The decision was never to give up


I struggled
I muffled
I paused
I waited
I endured
Because I believe beyond dreaming
Now I beam in reality







Ojo Blessing

I am a published author from Nigeria with a novel entitled ‘Cry of an Orphan’ in my name. I write prose, drama and poetry, and enjoy conversing with literary minded people.

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  1. edibless October 06, at 15:53

    D poem[beyond reality]is filled wit epic, keep aiming higher.


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