November 4, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Nivedita Dey



The Great Civilization – The Search



What madness is this??
The house has a library fireplace aglow inside
She keeps asking for matchsticks from the bylane passers-by


Deeper in the forest runs a river deep
The platypus wanders in cities looking for just a sip
Which brainless beast is this?!


Eyes witness the tea cup break slipping from the hand
Mind promptly fetches a wine glass to meet its demand
What nature of this thirst??


Whoever calls desires sane??
Every figure a phantom one, each face as unreal.
The vinegar dissolves each vellum as shatters every vial.


Yet the faintest sunray seeping in after a long dark night
Recreates the illusion of a rope to be clasped tight.
Does the Mind know no better than to forget Desire’s after-plight??
(I wonder even as I write – )
Where does one find some sane respite??
Except..of course..in the Reserve deep Inside!










Absence and Presence forever Melt

Blurring the face of each other

And amidst the heart of this Chaos

To eyes who fail to spot Beauty in it All

Forever the plume and lyre and harp-holding Hands


the Eyes that rise above the head.







Nivedita Dey

Nivedita Dey is from Kolkata, India. Born in a middle-class Bengali family, she was brought up extensively on story books and poetry right from her infancy. Having completed her post graduation in English, from Stella Maris College, Chennai, India, she was working for the Indian Film and Television Industry, from Mumbai and Kolkata, as a Script-writer and Creative Consultant for the last nine years. Currently she is preparing to be a university lecturer and otherwise is a full-time poet and writer.

Nivedita says about herself:
“I love to love. I trust Life and believe in Hope and Humanism above all, which constitute my very poetic philosophy too. An avid bookaholic and logical non-conformist, I dream of a better World and try to contribute whatever little I can through my art.


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