November 19, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Sana T Mohammed



Magnum opus



I wrote an ugly poem

Which dreams in my fist,

Wakes up in the chest,

In the trash, the sink,

Somewhere, nowhere.

Today it sleeps beside me

In the jigsaw puzzle

Draped in the finest cloth.

Folded knees, flexed.

A perfect fit.

I place it on the mantel.

There, shines my deformity.

Yet another masterpiece.










A finger you drag to dust

the legacies from the board

When your palm cedes.

Remember how you scribbled

Baptism while bathing

In the chalk powder-

dying in the process?



No matter how much

you wipe the chalkboard,

Black will not be black

but something in between

Not forgotten white and

unseen prints of your hand.







Sana T Mohammed

Sana Tamreen Mohammed, M.A., B.Ed resides in Kolkata, India. She worked as a journalist in a renowned news channel and independent documentary filmmaking. She won The First Monsoon Haiku Competition, Kolkata. Presently, she works as a teacher when not working on her manuscript. She was featured in a radio show. Her poems were published in various online literary magazines and translated into four different languages.


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