December 21, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Heidi Willson






same routine each day
tip toe through life to avoid
evoking anger


never knowing cause
for his violent manner


blaming self only
feeling trapped with no escape
accepting treatment


then things went too far
bruised and beaten savagely
almost can’t get up


waking up with pain
realizing it’s not her fault
she packs bag and leaves










beware of danger
look into faery’s eyes, trance
evil intentions


avoid piercing glare
once eyes meet faery’s, despair
consciousness soon lost


afterwards a haze
never same person again
losing inner glow







Heidi Willson

Heidi Willson lives in Rockford, Illinois and teaches 7th grade English. She loves nature, and often uses it as inspiration for her writing. Heidi believes poetry comes from the heart and hopes her words speak to people who read her writing.

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