December 29, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Nivedita Dey



Love In a Broken World



Love incarnate came down
Holding hands of strangers
Not So strangers
Piping a tune new into
My ears deafened by defeat of
Words I loved – love
Will always love


Just — I will break up the bread
Crumbs you cast away
Denied eating from my
Lap of love I will now
Break among teeming
Jews Pharisees alike


If You were — are God
Holy to me seated in my
Holy of Holies let Your love be
Brought down to streets filled with
Your beggars, lepers, whores alike
Drinking Your seed out of
My hand You once held.







Winter 2015



Wintry sheet of still. Except


Occasional trains with midnight goods
Bads and uglies zoom by a sharp
Siren scissoring the sooth of
Silence otherwise


I try recollect just where could be
That exact breach through which the Great Mist
Drifts in and out went a lot more


Childhood gushes in through that
Unsewn tatter


This world this winter turns and tosses underneath
The blanket of red bullet holes, here
And there – a sheet of sleepy oblivion
Black amidst white washed malls


Worlds amidst World divided
Into winter celebrations and wintry dirge
I hear both from my lukewarm human bed –
And choose to drown it all
Amidst a more soothing non-human
Lullabies my night hedgecrickets’ song.








Nivedita Dey

Nivedita Dey is from Kolkata, India. Born in a middle-class Bengali family, she was brought up extensively on story books and poetry right from her infancy. Having completed her post graduation in English, from Stella Maris College, Chennai, India, she was working for the Indian Film and Television Industry, from Mumbai and Kolkata, as a Script-writer and Creative Consultant for the last nine years. Currently she is preparing to be a university lecturer and otherwise is a full-time poet and writer.

Nivedita says about herself:
“I love to love. I trust Life and believe in Hope and Humanism above all, which constitute my very poetic philosophy too. An avid bookaholic and logical non-conformist, I dream of a better World and try to contribute whatever little I can through my art.


  1. Nivedita September 13, at 12:57

    Thank you Papa. What a pleasant surprise to bump into your comment here, that too after so long.. :)


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