January 15, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Abdulkareem Awwal Opeyemi






Over my thought, I lingered
like a lizard, hunting for hide
deep as the nile,
no ending, the egyptian river
the result, uncertain future
deep, dark, dull


the thinking of the day, in daytime
tears, not your house
not my eyesoh no!


what a mistake !
I allow you to take away my soul
release my mind, ache not dear heart
for you shall not be allow


Gosh! the deep water ,
the missippi and the nile
ye stood not on the way,
when abe lincoln sails ye


my thought swallowed me
as your mate swallowed pharaoh
and soldiers in old
lull my brain to work


my thought is my life
my life is my thinking
deep, wide, the mississippi and nile uncertain future it holds
well, is there life?
my thought question
shall i sail through you?
soul be back, mind go not
our collective work, to swim it end










Come nearer, echoed
Of the spirit, not yet identify
My heartbeats faster,
My leg shaking, like the sacrificial lamb
Up somewhere unknown, i found my self
Gnashing tooth, and wailing was the music
Still no word from the spirit, my companion
The self of me, it seemed i saw
In the state i couldn’t embrasssed
Let go! the commandment of the spirit


Move closer, my commander saith
Holding my thin arm as if dragging the sacrificial lamb to the shrine
Holies and laughter were the songs
Bright faces, and stainless gown, the uniform
It seemed the self of me once again
In the state i wanted once more


Let go, the millitary voice roared
Still following, was i a blind fly accompaning the dead to his grave?


No word i could offer,
Absolutely the cold was,
Nevertheless, i must ask,
who was me in the wailing tunnel
You yourself my commander sounded
No word i still offered
But absolutely, million questions, flowed my veins
Who was me in the bride gown
you yourself saith my cadet officer


Have I fallen so deep in dream ?
Have I met my companion on bed?
All reply I couldn’t fathom
Should i go back for the million question reply? I mumured
far gone was the millitary spirit
Who was I in the tunnel?
Who was I in the gown?
I couldnt hold reply
be back my companion, million answers needed







Abdulkareem Awwal Opeyemi

Abdulkareem Awwal Opeyemi is an African poet, a Nigerian from Kwara State. My love for poetry started from being a secondary school student and at the same time a poet for press clubs. I have written many poems awaiting publication.


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