January 18, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Abdulkareem Awwal Opeyemi






With our effort,
we have defended
The glory of our fathers’ land
like a baby, holding his mother breast tightly ready to suck


Nothing we did, But our promise to defend herewith all might.
The cold hand of death
caught our dusty unaware
like a monkey falling from the tree branch,
The bullet of enemy sent us
To an errand of no return..


we have slept with dreaded beasts
uninjured, until the evil gun
sent its blow on a rifle to fall us
helpless we laid, we couldn’t help
Our fathers’ land we defended..


Death over rode us, our guns, for the grass and beast we surrendered
Our promise we held to, till
we postrated to the dust on the plain field
Not our bullet failed us, but of promise we made
We took the rain of bullet,
For our homeland to remain..


Behold our promise we have kept
The anthem of military we have upheld
“die for my country” our watchword
“fight for victory” we sing
But we have surrendered to
with our sweat in khaki..


Anthem we want to sing again
War we want to fight again
To liberate our fathers’¬†land from hell


But forget not the promise you made for the millitary widows
and orphans
Our life we have traded for peace










Where hath you my pen?
Where laid thou sheet?
My ink worries in search of words
Find me my mind
Give me my words
Get me my diction
Having heavy heart.


Ye mind I need
call thou partner; pen
your friend heavy; heart come relieve him with thou power
Don’t talk they say
I Wil not talk I say
But I have found my voice
My voice in my pen
Louder than the drum of ayangalu on mopo hill


the agony of a poet lies not in his lover’s death
But his failure to find his pen and diction..


If arrest you must make
Ahead, arrest me, not my mind
Ahead arrest me, not my pen
“If martial art we start, my pen stood
If war we must fight, My pen I prefer to hold
My pen I kill with, not sword
Mightier than B.J Penn sword
The lightest pen I hold






Abdulkareem Awwal Opeyemi

Abdulkareem Awwal Opeyemi is an African poet from the Northern part of Nigeria (Kwara State). He wrote many poems for his alma matta press club where he discovered his passion for poetry. His poems also stood for the NIBSTEARS.BLOGSPOT.COM competition  in the early part of January..and debating: he was a debator in his school days,, many poems to his credit.


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