January 19, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Sheena Pillai Singh



The Wish Tree



I stood beneath

that tall Wish Tree,

looking up to see

the dazzling wishes

ripened through seasons..

I thought to myself,

how beautiful,

yet so far…

I closed my eyes.

and made a wish

from deep within,

How do I start,

where do I begin?


I wished for peace

One wish fell…

It couldn’t make me smile..


I wished for love

Another one fell!

Nor it could stir

a twinkle in my eye!


I wished for long life

Ah! that could wait..

I did let that go…


I wished for happiness;

there it rained

sprinkling all over me…

a waste of my time!


I opened my eyes,

looking up again..

there it is..

that unique wish of mine:

Still shining bright,

Still so beautiful,

but still so far…

I knew it’s for me..


I wished with all my heart

for that most cherished wish:

which could make up

for all the ones I gave away:





that wish is yet to ripe;

uttered the Old tree!

My wait continues…







My Darkest Fear



I hate lying on the floor,

Someone please give a mattress..


I hate people weeping in front of me..

Someone please ask them to be quiet..


I hate when someone dresses me up..

Someone please ask them to get aside..


Why are they bathing me here?

Let me take bath on my own..


I hate wearing this heavy cloth..

Someone please help lighten me ..


I hate the foot prints on my marble floor..

People, please take off your shoes..


I hate keeping my eyes shut..

Someone please help me open them..


Please don’t pour water in my mouth.

My lipstic is draining out..


Don’t carry me on your shoulders folks,

This is my home and mine alone!






Sheena Pillai Singh

I am an Engineer by profession, working in New Delhi. Interested in reading and writing poetry / stories since my college days. Please feel free to share your valuable feedback.


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