February 15, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Samuel Ayoade






It takes time to incubate my love

But I will finally get it across to you

Your eyes bright as that of a dove

Makes my heart skip within its case

Like sheep upon the hills of Lebanon.


Your smile like the brightness of sunshine

Brings my heart down its egocentric throne

To bow so low before your shrine

Read my lips as they mime the love theme

Mark my words, you are my sunshine.


Your teeth are sparkling white

Like the feathers and wings of angels

That carry on their tails the love tidings

As they flow along the great circle

From the heavenly Eden throne of God.


You are a source of inspiration

My soul sings a song of satisfaction

For my spirit a haven hath found

In a companion as coy as a dove

Whose countenance volumes my love


Take my hands and make me rise

From my hurting knees that stoop so low

Take these petals of love I offer

For I plucked them from my eyes

My eyes I offer so our love could be blind.


Even if you refuse to give in

I found comfort kneeling here forever

On bended knees that once roam

Now found a haven and won’t let go

Take these petals and let them wilt not


From the base of my heart I give my soul,

From the depth of my spirit I offer my body

From the core of my body I give my heart

A willing sacrifice I make myself

To you, I give myself away.


My heart I wrap in these petals

Take it and make it really dare to you

Preserve it lest it gets crushed and I die

Whatever wrong I do henceforth, just pardon

For I, no longer have a heart.










these men are slaughtering peace

on the altar of our innocence.

they burn incense of immoralities

on the altar of our ignorance,

with our lifeless life at stake

at the abbatoir that lay open

upon these hills of degenerating layers

at the cost of a generation’s life span.


men rot like eggs and their medular decline.

foul smell like stale milk

emanating from dead human skins

killed and skinned by cream-power,

like the quarantine for bacilus anthraxis – that explodes irremotably like gun powder.


‘daughters of god’ with slim-fit skimpy skirts, against the ‘sons of god’ they throw their darts.

the ‘children of god’ erranding for mammon, and the ‘servants of god’ bowing to gold, with rolls of canabis attached between the cannasial teeth of these canivores as they minister to the destinies of the ‘people of god’

who dance ‘shoki’ and ‘azonto’ with the ‘holyghost craziest noise.’









Samuel Ayoade

Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen) is an Oyo-based actor, singer and writer, born on the 27th of March, 1995. He has been published on various poetry blogs and featured in the BLACK COMMUNION POETRY ANTHOLOGY by Wale Owoade. He has several christian movies and musical tracks to his credit. He is the founder of Chrysolite Writerz Team. A Nigerian, a scientist but artistic in heart.

He blogs at: chrysolitewriterz.wordpress.com and samuelamazing.indonesiaz.com


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