February 18, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Pijush Kanti Deb



Me and My Hands



When my hands duly deserve

Some more layers

To add to their strength and capability

I feel something common

To use them in embracing my girl-friend


My entities are well saved in her custody


When my hands are beckoned

By some weak shoulders

And moist eyes

I check my hands and shoulders

But find no extra place beside my family And their due hopes and aspirations


When the sun discloses

The shedding of nectar from the sky

And its prompt disappearing

Falling into a few mouths only

My hands are turned into maces

But my ever-cautious mom

Calls me back to my dining room

And I lose my world to my alluring dishes


When the huts are knocked down

By the skyscrapers

In a got up match

And the winning whistle is blown for

The violators

I fill itching in my hands

But my girl-friend grips me tight

So tight that

I can’t remember

the luminous freeness of light, air and sky.







That’s our Gentleman



Mom’s affectionate direction

“Straight to school and return straight to home, no wandering’”, I observed and enjoyed her cheerful exclamation, “That’s my son!”

Boss’s corporate direction

“Straight to file and client and return Raising the profit margin, No cheating”

I observed and gained another joyful exclamation “That’s my racing horse!”

Wife’s passionate direction,

“Straight to office and return straight home, No outdoor party”

I observed and enjoyed the final exclamation “That’s my hero!”

My own diplomatic direction

“Do whatever you like to do

But straight home

Washing carefully your hands and mouth,” I observed already and got the universal exclamation, “That’s our gentle man!”









Pijush Kanti Deb

Pijush Kanti Deb is a new Indian poet with around 300 published or accepted poems and haiku in approximately 100 editions of national and international magazines and journals, print and online, such as ;Down in the Dirt’, ‘Tajmahal Review’, ‘Pennine Ink’, ‘Hollow Publishing’, ‘Creativica Magazine’, ‘Muse India’, ‘Teeth Dream Magazine’, ‘Hermes Poetry Journal’, ‘Madusa’s Kitchen’ ,’Grey Borders’, ‘Dead Snakes’, ‘Dagda Publishing’, ‘Blognostic’, ‘Black Mirror Magazine’, ‘Dissident Voice Journal’ , ‘Indiana Voice Journal’, ‘Aji Magazine’, ‘Calliope Magazine’, ‘Leaves of Ink Magazine’ and many more.

His best achievement so far is the publication of his first poetry collection,’Beneath The Shadow Of A White Pigeon’ published by Hollow Publishing and available on AMAZON.


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