April 14, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Abdulrahman M Abu-yaman






A hectic and tiring day

Of labour and commotion

Sent Castor to his retiring bay

To harbour his condition

Recessing in a recumbent position,

Then took-off to a slumberous hibernation

Processing to the imminent transition,

Where he flew-off to the sleepers’ expedition

Which we called Castor’s jolly!

A jollification of his ecstasies

Or rather labeled Castor’s folly!

After its nullification by realities

Since he awakened to see it was vanity


With opened-eyes in broad day light

Pollux had a dream

His blued-eyes envisage in delight

Polished rad of gleams

Gleams of bizarre possibilities

Of unttained glory

Beams of desired workabilities

Of unattempted discovery

Which we nomenclated as Pollux’s stream

An operationalization of his flowing ideas

Or rather depicted as Pollux’s dream

After its materialization into reality

Eyes-opened, transforming them to actuality


Juxtaposing the Dioscuri,

In relation to our contemporary world,

It is clear and evident that

Polluxes’ thrive in this 21st century

And Castors’ struggle to survive in it

Hence, the rhetorical question,

Wouldn’t you rather conceive

Pollux’s dream than Castor’s jolly?











Take a look at the round bake

Of the mound cake

Coined for the masses sake

Weighing mass pounds at stake


But vices in offices by the “snakes”

Tend to make the cake to quake


They slash the slices into pieces

Concealing them in obscure places


Then surround their cabinet with nieces

To cover up for their mess in offices

Hence, surprises we see as they roll their dices

On the platter of our abound cake as it decreases


Awake! We must, to fight this crisis

And make effort to crush the lapses

By fake servants and their services

Who leave the cake in gloomy faces


Then bring substitutes with more spices

To flavour the mound cake with sweet ices!









Abdulrahman M Abu-yaman

Abdulrahman M Abu-yaman is a Nigerian poet born in the western part of the country (Tin-can island, Lagos), occasionally visiting the south (Warri) despite being from the north where he currently lives (Minna). He majored in Economics at IBB University, Lapai, Niger State, loves to draw in pencil monochrome. His works have appeared in Kalahari Reviews, Elsielsy blog and forthcoming in Lunaris Review and Black Boy Review. You can follow him on Twitter@abuu_yaman.


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