Palestinians: 68 Years and Counting


Sami Jamil Jadallah

Every year at this time, Palestinians around the world and under occupation “celebrate” or let us say “mourn” what is referred to as “Nakba” or “Catastrophe” and it seems every day is a Nakba for Palestinians under Israeli Occupation and those who lost their homes and position to the Israeli state in 1947-48.

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More abducted children rescued by Ethiopian forces


Dukhan Jundit

Following the rescue last week of nineteen abducted children, the Boma State of South Sudan has confirmed that more have now been saved and flown to Gambella, Ethiopia.

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The UCL Festival of Culture 2016


Michael Organ

Five free days of culture

UCL’s, (University College London), Festival of Culture returns this year with a programme set to showcase the rich diversity of world-class research led by staff and students in the Faculties of Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences.

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