June 22, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Hakeem Enesi Momoh






Words that sends cold shivers,

down the spine of men.

Looks that send children –

under bed

Grunting hearts

craves for deaths.


Sphere they run for fears

Eyes looking red-hot

They are surely fear not.

Gleefully throws shade

till all-lights fade.


Roars on the shore,

they swore to tore,

Aimless they go

Tearing apart remains.


Self acclaimed victory

Chanting and toasting

scores of bodies they’re boasting.











The sun seeks refuge under the sky,

hungry bowls under water pipes

dying plants wear all smiles,

the roof becomes wet again.


The rain comes with a lot of joy,

with the aura it brings along,

you’ll surely want to stay for long

the moments we want to foward.


Drizzles coming,

Once again I’m out of my cave.

To embrace the sweetness,

the coldness that made me –

want to stay.


For once again we are drenched,

she goes away and makes us dry.










Hakeem Enesi Momoh

Hakeem Enesi Momoh is a 16 years old writer and poet. He is an avid reader and a wide thinker who hails from the Ebira speaking tribe of Kogi State, Nigeria. Wole Soyinka is one personality that inspires him.


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