June 29, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Joel Robison



Lianne Kamp




Silent Vigil



gather it up in strong arms

hold this gently to your chest

breathe it into lungs and heart


not another drop of blood

on the floor

no more

bloody tracks


vengeful and eager feet

to track in random directions

dragging corpses

they have no right to touch


hush let the sounds of grief

crash in sound waves that

only the mourning can hear


not another syllable


unto the pyre


quick and thirsty tongues

to sharpen their points

on open wounds

they have no right to lick










Lianne Kamp

I came to Boston many years ago to write poetry.  Although I never abandoned poetry altogether, life had different plans for me. I have rediscovered the importance of writing and over the last year have been published in a number of Prolific Press journals. Mainly, I write poetry to make my world more panoramic by watching it more closely.


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