August 1, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Xyza Cruz Bacani



Jenny Santellano



Is It All What We See?



Blessings are just

another form

of narcissism.

I wish you well

in secret hopes

that doing that will

guarantee my own

good fortune.


Are we fighting

for the cause

or rescuing

our souls

from the less

desirable ‘fate’?


Give me 15 seconds

and a lollipop, and I’ll

show you

who the sucker is.


Bang! You’re dead.


Don’t blame me.

You’re the one

who decided blinking

was a good idea.










Jenny Santellano

Jenny Santellano is a poet who tends to muse about the darker side of human nature. You can find more of her poetry in various journals and e-zines such as Scarlet Leaf Review, Random Poem Tree, Section 8 Magazine, The Beatnik Cowboy, and Dead Snakes.


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