August 15, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Denis Rancourt



Rick Davis






Closing my eyes,

I let go of


unwritten books

that are a slide show


of old wishes –

all feeling


like myths

or metaphors.


As I pray

I invent


realms of atmosphere

catching my childhood


in a wavy net.

I release


the past

like a vampire


bathed in light.











Up at dawn



shuffling near the lake

quietness shakes


the wavering air.

purple lilies sigh.


sun and moonlight

blend in watery shadows.


the creamy moon

is infinite.


gusts of wind sing.

a woman with heavy


pale make-up

exits a high-rise


and scowls

at creation –


burning like a necklace

of jewels.


peaceful sky.

i jog,


lost in thought

and unhurried running.


there is water

in the moon.









Love: an abstract painting



i dream

of empty water


in a lonely harbor.

my love


is a bashful song

in the forceful light


of summer.

my love


is an exposed

summer lawn.











Rick Davis

I am a Poet and life-long Chicagoan, married, and am a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University.


  1. Martinforoz August 15, at 15:48

    The woman with heavy pale make-up suits the natural surroundings very well. Well-done


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