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Samuel Ayoade



The Love I Never Knew



would it not be madness

to say I’m in love with imagination?

the heartfelt breath that appears

in the shallow snores of my dreams

upon my stone-pillow at bethel.


I have seen hearts melt for beauty

and feet slid for virtues

but all I got lost to, is a breeze

in the shallow thoughts of my imagination

somewhere in the plains of Abia

which spread over the valleys of my brain –

a folktale of my nightmares.


I have heard of penpals, and pen friends

on blank sheets of empty promises

on papers that hold the liquid state of the future

but I have jilted Cupid

and stolen from him – a Pen Love –

this again, is madness.


tell me, are you short and stumpy?

long and slender, white or black?

I have lost my heart to believe a lie

in the presence of sanity, I have chosen madness

and say, “art thou a manly creation or just a breeze?”



I ask,

“is Cupid stupid?”











Samuel Ayoade

Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen) is an Oyo-based actor, singer and writer, born on the 27th of March, 1995. He has been published on various poetry blogs and featured in the BLACK COMMUNION POETRY ANTHOLOGY by Wale Owoade. He has several christian movies and musical tracks to his credit. He is the founder of Chrysolite Writerz Team. A Nigerian, a scientist but artistic in heart.

He blogs at: chrysolitewriterz.wordpress.com and samuelamazing.indonesiaz.com


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