August 24, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ngozi Olivia Osuoha



Iri Ji Nkwerre 2016 

(New Yam Festival)



Truly we ploughed the field

And scattered the grain

We weeded the farm

And watered the seed,

With our little might

And tender fight

But our God multiplied them all.


He bound the caterpillars

And withered the cankerworms

He buried the locusts

And starved the weevils,

Our poor mope

He turned a hope,

How great our God!


With our warriors and heroes

With our dancers and wrestlers

With our maidens and brides

With our women and men,

With our princes and princesses

The train of queens and kings

We have come to thank our God.


You were our bow and arrow

Our spear and strength,

You are our beauty and ego

Our pride and pillar,

You remain our hope and peace

Our favour and flavour,

Our help throughout ages.


Today as we celebrate

In the land of our forefathers

Accept our thanksgiving.


This new yam festival

Blew harm ritual

Shew calm memorial

Hew farm annual

Stew charm cultural

Grew ram traditional

Crew balm carnival

Pew palm monumental

Screw warm episcopal.


So as we award our philanthropists

And title our men of valour

Grant us new dew

Greener valleys

Bluer mountains

And purer fountains,

Rest our dead

Guide the living

Bless our unborn

And accord us a rebirth.















Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a young writer from Nigeria. From a family of eight, including both parents she is the second daughter but fourth child. She read Estate Management and has some experience in Banking and Broadcasting.

She has published some works in a Liberian magazine, Ghanian news platform and an Indian poetry publication.

Many of her works have gone abroad for evaluation and publication. She wrote the longest poems/rhymes in the world, yet to be published. Writing is life.


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