September 15, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Mary F Calvert



Chinwe O’Brien



How Many Mountains?



How many mountains would I climb

To find the succor I seek?

How many mountains would I climb

To find the answers to my problem?

How much tears would I shed?

And how much thoughts are enough to blow the mind?


Goddess of problem and solution,


     My knees are in the mud

     My eyes are closed, and my pleading arms are up in the air

     I ask for your assistance

     For I’m exhausted and traumatized

     Listen to my plea, good goddess

     You’re the answer to my problem, and the invisible helper


How many mountains would I climb?

I shall climb no more

Because my good goddess hurries near

In her winged chariot of solution










When it’s Time to Say Goodbye



When it’s time to say goodbye

Make sure everything is ready

And remember, do not shed tears

Because it will only cause harm

Bear it in mind that you’re embarking

On an endless journey to

The infinite world of total confusion

Put everything in order

And scrutinize your life for

An agent that would ready

To deny your access to

The infinite world of peace

Although this world is an infinite confusion

It is the only place

You will find everlasting peace and happiness











Chinwe O’Brien

Chinwe O’Brien is a Nigerian writer. He was born at Nsukka, Nigeria. He lives in Lagos, where he writes stories and poems. His stories have been published online and in school magazines. He believes that literature shouldn’t be a teaching tool only; it can also be a form of entertainment. He is currently studying to get a B.A. degree in English Language and Literary Studies. He is serving as the Associate Editor (Drama), The Muse Journal of the department of English Language and Literary Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


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