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Archive for October 4th, 2016

Crisis in the Congo: DRC today mirrors the French Constitution

Alexander Joe/AFP   By Brian Minga Amza The legality of Joseph Kabila‘s Presidency after 19 December 2016 has divided the political and social sphere of society in the Democratic Republic of Congo, even after the Constitutional Court, which is regarded as the highest court of the country, ruled that “the head of state will stay in power […]

An Animal Of No Significance

By Robert Kilborn

How pomposity damages a corporate image

By Hazel Speed Some years ago it was quite popular with large Corporate Entities and a few esoteric Agencies to put in place a synthetic form of gate-keeping via instructions to their switchboard operators.


Larry Louie   By Santosh Kumar Pokhrel

Interview with Six Strings— a Ghanaian Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter

By Kofi Acquah


Alessia Giuliani   By Vincent Alexander