October 4, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Alessia Giuliani



Vincent Alexander



Mother Of Mercy



O most divine mother,

So great was your calling

While travelling on a train

From Calcutta to Darjeeling

That you gave up everything


Home and homeland Albania

Modern Republic of Macedonia

Destiny brought you to India

Founded Missionaries of Charity,

Showing great love, compassion for humanity

To care for the hungry, naked, homeless

Blind, lepers and all those left unwanted

Unloved, shunned, rejected by society


Reaching out to poorest of the poor

Opening wide open your heart’s door

Homeless destitute leper gave shelter

Once Loreto Convent’s simple teacher

Obeyed God’s order left the convent

Eyes brimming with tears knees bent

Bowing in prayer saying yes Lord yes

I will do as my Master says


While alive called Saint of the Gutters

Doing the Lord’s will all that matters

What began as a small congregation

Meager resources, only thirteen members

God’s hands blessed your vision

As it was a divine commission

Soon Missionaries of Charity

Reached across many nations,

Mushrooming to more than

One could ever imagine

Four thousand dedicated sisters

Spanning charity centres worldwide

In hundred and thirty three countries


Disarming unassuming smile

Soft simple words,

Brought world leaders

Down on their knees


Mother Teresa short in stature

Loving compassionate nature

Transformed Calcutta

Into a city of joy

Hope for every girl and boy


Mother of mercy,

Truly a beautiful angel

God’s chosen vessel


In your own words you said,

‘Not all of us can do great things

But we can do small things

With great love’

So lofty were your ideals

O divine mother of mercy

Thousands of lives

Were touched cos of thee


‘Saint’ Teresa thou art

Memories of thee

Shalt always linger in our hearts

The very citadels of power

Foundations of our materialistic

Hedonistic culture you shook

Piercing gaze mesmerizing look

Princes, royalty brought to book

Poorest of the poor found

An angel of mercy

Living goddess revered and adored

Words you spoke nobody ignored












Vincent Alexander

Vincent Alexander hails from Bangalore, India and is currently residing in Dubai. This talented poet writes on various themes and attempts to portray reality, most poems based on real life experience aimed at inspiring & empowering humanity. Since most of his poems are based on love and passion, many readers have crowned him ‘King of Romance’.


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