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Archive for October 6th, 2016

Refugee crisis set to get worse, not better

UNICEF photo   By Amnesty International Wealthy countries have shown a complete absence of leadership and responsibility, leaving just ten countries, which account for less than 2.5% of world GDP, to take in 56% of the world’s refugees, said Amnesty International in a comprehensive assessment of the global refugee crisis published.


By Penn Kemp

The Non-Biodegradable Apple

Richard Sandler   By Hazel Speed   An exercise in Marketing: Two Sales Executives compare their strategies and results, see which you think works the best.   The two top executives of H & H Creations Limited (Sales and Marketing Department) enjoyed their usual post-campaign repartee over a drink.

Fiction: The Dead Cockerel that Crows at Night

Monsieur Qui   By Ugwu Leonard Elvis

The Tragic Conventions In African Plays

Patrick Willocq   By Shola Balogun The traditional Africa is undoubtedly communal. The passivity and conformity of the African under a compelling authority can be explained in accordance with his affirmation of self-will and perception of collective spirit. His penchant for honour is far more intricate and demonstrably cultural.


Goran Bisic   By Bijay Kumar Show