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Bijay Kumar Show



‘You’ and ‘I’



Honest I am,

So the destitution;

Deceptive you are,

Thus your opulency;

Yet, miserable you are,

With all the luxury;

And contented I am,

Without any comfort;


Aspiring you are,

Thus cunning too;

Naïve I am,

Therefore aimless too;

So I sleep at night, and

You feel drowsy daytime;


Renowned you are,

Articulate and hypocrite as well;

Candid I am,

Therefore insignificant;

But, you pay for laughing,

And I laugh while playing;


Well-mannered you are,

With all your etiquettes;

Natural I am, and

Natural are my habits;

You play e-games,

Sitting consciously;

And enjoy mealtime,

Moving while chatting;


Empty you are,

With all your likes,

Comments and friend requests,

From e-world;

But, satisfied I am,

With likes-dislikes;

Cordial-obnoxious comments,

From real world friends.









Ultimate Endeavour



Prince of heaven becomes fascinated

To Queen of darkness, once;


He wants her to be exposed to the

Eclectic natural beauties of heaven,

Of which she is totally unaware;

She declines strongly, as she believes

Darkness is the only beautiful thing,


But, he does not give up even after

Repeated persuasion and effort,

Rather, decides to bring heaven to her,

In a state of utmost despair and insanity;


Thus he goes on collecting……


The morning breeze….

The Sunrise and the sunset……..

The Stars and the Moon…….

The blue sky and the Moonlight……

The chirping of birds……….

The playful fountains……


In different boxes and locks them…….

Then rushes immediately to her in excitement.


He, then, starts explaining her in delight……


How beautiful is the Sunrise…….

How alluring is the morning breeze…….

So on and so forth……….


And then, starts opening the boxes one by one…


But to his dismay he finds nothing but

The sheer darkness in the boxes.


Having been shattered completely,

He started lamenting in hopelessness;


Then, suddenly the Queen of darkness

Approaches towards him to make him calm,

And hugs him for forever;


Even though he cannot bring heaven,

The ultimate endeavour to bring it,

Influences her to go with him.










Bijay Kumar Show Tuck Magazine

Bijay Kumar Show

Bijay Kumar Show from Durgapur, India has been teaching in National Institute of Technology, Durgapur for about 8 years. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Engineering in 2014. He enjoys teaching and research and likes to spend quality time with family. To him, poetry is the painting of one’s inner self with colours of eclectic feelings. Poetry is also a source of contentment and peace for him. His poetry has recently been published in Tuck Magazine, Dissident Voice and Ashvamegh Journal (where he was selected as Featured Poet in its August 2016 issue). You can also read Bijay’s words on his website.


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