Observations of an Expat: Haiti—Land of Extremes

Dieu Nalio Cherry/AP



Tom Arms

Haiti is a land of extremes. Unfortunately they are all the worst kind. It is extremely poor, extremely corrupt, extremely violent and now—extremely devastated.

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Congo’s Joseph Kabila Must Go

Issouf Sanogo/AFP



Joe Khamisi

In 2001 a clean-shaven 30-year old shy, Chinese-trained military officer, Joseph Kabila Kabange, stepped in to take power from his father, Laurent Kabila, who had died ten days earlier from a bullet fired by a child soldier at his official residence in Kinshasa.

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Iranan writer faces 6 years for her unpublished fictional story about stoning

Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee


Amnesty International

The Iranian authorities must immediately repeal the conviction and sentence of Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, a writer and human rights activist who is due to begin serving a six-year sentence for charges including “insulting Islamic sanctities” because she wrote an unpublished fictional story about stoning, Amnesty International have stated.

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Memories and Emotions

Lydia Smith photo



Hazel Speed

I would like to share with you some special events and historic moments which moved me greatly and still do when I reflect on the same. All of us share in the ability to experience and show emotion. Often we are moved by the same things but then each of us has our own area that causes a tear to emerge.

May I share just a few which affect me in that way.

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