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Archive for October 14th, 2016

Observations of an Expat: The Modern Victim State

Josh Haner   By Tom Arms The residents of the Marshall Islands are the ultimate modern age victims. If they don’t die from cancer inflicted by nuclear testing they will drown from rising sea levels caused by climate change.

Renewable Energy & Environmental Governance: Creating a Sustainable Pakistan

AP photo   By Zeeshan A. Shah Most emerging nations carry additional environmental challenges, battling with the food, water and energy crisis also.


Lekan Oyekanmi/AP   By Aina Oluwasegun Yakub

Why Nicola Sturgeon should count her blessings

AFP photo   By Hazel Speed


Dave Jordano   By Paul Grams

Trump Stumped By Article 7-A of the Charities Bureau

By Kanwal Abidi New York’s attorney general ordered Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s charitable foundation to immediately stop fundraising in the state, warning that a failure to do so would be a “continuing fraud.”