October 19, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Ed Kashi



Oshogbemi A E Peter



Gods are not to blame



In panting we bear, cross we care.

In our land we soth on to gods for solace.

Who cause fluidness to our path,

Sickness arrive, at the dawn of noon,

ab; the training baby shares part in our pain, gods of our land are sleeping.


Tell oko’ya, to lay on our land his healing o’se of his days,

sango shouldn’t sleep when our is foot dry.

Console aredua, to release its hands saddles

to seek candle, our scuffing living but curse.

The gods of our land have punch the face, there it grew brawl.


We breathe of reptile we perform: off our glassing cup is broken.

Likewise, we are to take the breath of man.

All the gods are anxious, our body has discharge to lead the path;

So give us a breath.


We pray thee,

Oh son of ajantala, we can’t fold our sights to see dreams.

Release all our ancestors prayers, to reach the whity haste of ifa.

Hitherto, for it’s to pick our distress act to eledua.


Beseech ifa and its ala’le,

To send all our ancestors prayers to the pavillious throne of eledua;

Let him hear of the folded nipple of mothers that yield not milk.


Stand it agbonmeregun, that the crawling baby is no longer a baby.

Peg his his fury face to look at our unseen enemy.

Aagh, our land is punished with the hand of esu eru orita, tell eldua,

To shower his wrath upon them as of Sodom.

The gods are not to blame.










Oshogbemi A E Peter

I am poet Oshogbemi A E Peter, a writer and preacher from Nigeria.


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