Observations of an Expat: The Headless Brexiteers

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Tom Arms

“They haven’t a clue,” the nameless senior civil servant told me as she pressed her hands to the side of her head, grimaced and squeezed her eyes shut.”

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Not That I Love Caesar Less…


Ananya S Guha


God save the country


It seems the concept of freedom fighters is reshaped and redesigned. Anyone shouting against another is a freedom fighter. Anyone raising the slogan of Bharat Mata is a freedom fighter, pitchforking this idea into a new analogy of love and martyrdom. Anyone dissenting is questioned about his or her loyalties to a mother head or god head.

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African leaders doing little to stem illicit drug trafficking

Marco Vernaschi



Joe Khamisi

Over the past decade Africa has moved closer to the top tier of countries most involved in the international smuggling of illicit drugs.

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Admiral Lord Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar


Hazel Speed

21st October 1805

When we walk by the great statues in various major cities, quite often, unless the person represented is known to us, usually through history, we could be going past without even a glance as to looking for a name or detail of subject matter.

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Islamic Liberation Theology, Why Not?

Susan Baaghil/Reuters



Sami Jamil Jadallah

If anyone thinks that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not a social and theological liberation revolutionary, they had better think twice.

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