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Archive for October 26th, 2016

300 civilians killed in just 11 US-led coalition air strikes in Syria

AFP photo   By Amnesty International Just 11 US-led coalition air strikes in Syria appear to have killed some 300 civilians, according to new analysis from human rights NGO Amnesty International today, despite US claims that only one person has been killed by such aerial attacks.


By Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel

The Caribbean Basin’s ‘Northern Triangle’

Reuters photo   By Ricardo Swire The Caribbean Basin extends from Florida westward along the Gulf coast, meandering south along the Mexican coast via Central America. The Basin extends eastward, across the northern coast of South America, a geopolitical region that includes the West Indies archipelago. The ongoing “Drug War” moved north from Colombia, then […]

Fiction: Something

Marius Tudor   By Bernard Ollo

Expeditors or Procrastinators

By Hazel Speed If one thing drives me mad it is dealing with procrastinators, yet like the story of the hare and the tortoise, they often seem to reap benefits despite laxed efforts.


Rini Ruiz   By Nicole Surginer