November 2, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Akeredolu Tope



Where Is The Love?

(on recent cases of religious violence in Nigeria)



When rose’s foliage is plucked at noon

and the gardener’s consent

Is sought, yet unsought

What we have is innocence murdered on the alter of extremism

Where is the love?


Our nation is gasping

While the surgeons look on

Wearing laughter – a loud guffaw

Shaking the very essence of us


Oh! Borno! Why do you allow your errant sons

Continue to stain your robes with liquor

And beastly tongues

 Thirsty for blood!

Where is the love?


Why has the world not stood?

Why has silence pervaded the land?

Why is our collective voice suddenly mobled?

Perharps we have succumbed to terror?

Or to the merchants of death?


They come hoofing,

freezing everything in their wake

Like Medusa’s gaze

Forcing their merchandise down our throats

While our ‘saviours’ busy themselves on Delilah’s lap

They continue to play with the serpent, hoping it would not bite

Alas! It has bitten another victim.













What do I tell my playmates

happened to my hymen?

With what gut do I say

You sucked the nectar of my innocence?


Mama’s wail mobled, ripples nothing

but the wailing walls and cottons

hoofing on Hades back, you come every night

Like a lord from conquest

Your empire a vast soul emptied

by the cruelty of your beastiality – a disease



When will this endlessness end?

a soul rip-off by the very hand meant to mend?

Like a boxer punch-shy I see the shadow of a man in many forms,

all scary!



The sorrows wept,  yet unwept

Let loose beyond every cry

Like a dark angel, marauding

darkened by despair

To whom do I look for salvation?











Akeredolu Tope

Akeredolu Tope is a Nigerian poet. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in English language from AAUA. He works as English language instructor at St Gregory’s college Oyinmo ikare Akoko Ondo state Nigeria. His works have appeared in African writer Indian periodical, Antarctica journal, ink sweat and tears, for Harriett and several other literary outlets. He lives and writes from Ikare Akoko southeast Nigeria- the home of the twin-mountain.


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