Observations of an Expat: Post-truth Awards

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Tom Arms

Backgrounder: This week the world’s premier lexicon—The Oxford English Dictionary—named post-truth as word of the year. This article imagines the Hollywood-style awards ceremony.

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‘I was forced to kill my best friend’, former DRC child soldier says

Antony Njuguna reuters DRC

Antony Njuguna/Reuters



Lin Taylor

It was during an ordinary game of soccer when Michel Chikwanine was abducted at age 5 by rebel soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and recruited into the army.

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Fake news – a menace to society

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Joe Khamisi

Over the past two decades social media has become one of the most powerful sources of information. It facilitates free and seamless inter and cross-border communication and enables information to travel fast and wide. It also builds and destroys individuals and institutions, and promotes or demotes merchandise in a way never seen before.

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Children who murder – too young to be named?


Hazel Speed

Last week saw the life convictions of two teenagers for murder, who at the time of their crime were considered to be minors thereby cannot legally be named as an adult might be.

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