November 21, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Christophe Debon



R Soos



Five Glimpses of Autism





deep within a dream

protect all the happiness

that others will steal






fingers on my hand

wander here before my eyes

helping me center






quiet lullabies

to calm my racing heartbeat

from this noisy world






I hold both my ears

tight to hide your constant breath

judging me daily






tear apart vision

and bind pieces together

on your new canvas










Parole Board



do you know why you are here, son

yes ma’am

are you sorry for what you did

sir, I am not guilty of the charges, sir

if you maintain this attitude you will

will have to serve your full time, son

sir, if you maintain your attuitude

you can just go fuck yourself, sir

you are excused from this meeting, son

thank you sir


afterword (lawyer)


what the fuck did you do in there?


I did exactly what you said. I talked

gentle and said sir and maam

in every sentence


that’s not what I’m talking about and you know it


I told the truth, that’s all


Richard, how many times have I told you

as long as you tell the truth

you will never be free

this is not about the truth

this is about your life












r soos

R Soos

r soos has 20 books of poetry still in print. He is aging with a grace no one believes, including himself. he posts some of his work here from time to time.

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